An outstanding location between the Mediterranea sea and the coastal mountain ranges
 Sitges is located 35 km south of Barcelona, belongs to the Garraf region and is charmingly tucked between the beaches of the Mediterraean coast and the regional mountain ranges. The Garraf Massif mountains north of Sitges constitute a natural barrier against cold winds from the north which provides the twon with its own pleasant microclimate with mild winters and summers. Passeig Maritim offers an over 3 km long strecht of waterfront esplanade with spectacular views on the Mediterranean Sea and the Baluard (Bastion).
Sitges is well connected with Barcelona, its international El Prat airport and the rest of the country by highway, trains and regional bus services.
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History and culture:
Back in medieval times, Sitges was essentially a small fishing village, and life was organised around Baluard headland with its parish church, hospital and cemetery, as well as a small group of houses, all enclosed and connected to the rest of the village by a bridge at the top of Carrer Major or Main Street. There are references to the existence of different entrance gates and several towers, possibly erected in the 14th century, a fact that shows the entire villages was walled.
Centuries later, and thanks to the initiative of artists, cultural motivators and patrons of the arts, like Santiago Russiñol, Ramon Casas, Miquel Utrillo or Charles Deering, Sitges became a standard settlement for writers, painters, musicians and other intellectuals and it was also an important centre for the spreading of Modernims (Catalan Modernism). During the passage from the 19th to the 20th century, the town became home to painters, sculptors, musicians and intellectuals who left their mark here that Sitgetans have maintained to this day.
Today, Sitges is known around the world for its heritage and for being a cosmopolitan town that continues to lure people belonging to the world of art and culture from all over
How to reach Sitges:
_ By plain: The Barcelona International Airport El Prat, is located 28 km. north of Sitges. El Prat airport is served by most international airlines that arrive at the airport's Terminal 1. A number of low-cost carreirs provide their services to El Prat from major European airports; they typically connect to Terminal 2 of El Prat International Airport. Futher low-cost connections connect to the airports of Girona and Reus. El Prat International Airport is connected to Sitges by trains leaving from Terminal 2. The train connection goes through the city of Prat de Llobregat with a change of train line for connecting to and from Stiges. For time tables and connections visit: 
A bus service connecting El Prat International Airport with Stiges is provided by Mon-Bus Company. Buses leave Terminal 1 every 30 minutes between 07:40 and 23:40. Return services from Sitges to the airport Terminal 1 are available between 05:55 and 21:55. For time tables and connections visit:      
_ By car: the C-32 motorway connects Sitges with Barcelona and Tarragona in approximately 30-45 mintues drives. European Motorway E15 (Spanish motorway AP-7) connects Sitges / Barcelona with France through Montpellier. 
_ By bus: the MonBus company offers bus service connecting Sitges with Barcelona, with regular stops at the El Prat International Airport. MON-BUS Information Office number: (0034) 93 893 7060,
_ By train: Sitges offers many excellent railway connections to Barcelona and Tarragona through the Renfe’ suburban trains ("cercanías"). Trains between Sitges and Barcelona operate approximately every 15 mintues. Barcelona's main station -Sants (short from for Barcelona Sants Estació) operates daily trains from and to the rest of Spain and Europe,