Keynote Speakers

Mairi Best. Ocean Observing Consultant and Adjunct Professor. University of Victoria, Canada
"Deep sea research via cabled observatories: Experience from Neptune Canada"
Timothy Eglinton. Professor of Biogeosciences, "Source to sink" transfer of terrestrial and marine biospheric organic materials, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland
"Spatiotemporal variability in deep ocean biogeochemical processes"
Yves Fouquet. Head of Laboratory Geochemistry and Metallogeny. Ifremer Brest, France
“Mineral resources of the deep sea: Strategic resources for the future”
Susan E. Humphris. Senior Scientist, Hydrothermal Activity at Mid-Ocean Ridges, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
"Basalt-seawater interactions and subsurface fluid flow in the oceanic crust"
John Ludden. Executive Director. British Geological Survey, United Kingdom
“Scientific research drilling in Europe: Quo Vadis”
R. John Parkes. Head of School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. Cardiff University, United Kingdom
“Deep sub-seafloor sediments – a large biosphere: geosphere habitat!”
Charles Paull. Senior scientist, Gas Hydrates and Fluid Fluxes through Continental Margins, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, USA 
“Distinctive geomorphology of gas venting and near seafloor gas hydrate-bearing sites”
Russell B. Wynn. Senior Scientist, Deep-water sedimentary processes and deposits. National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom
"Deep-sea sedimentary processes and geohazards along the northeast Atlantic continental margin: new insights from geophysical and core data"
Rainer Zahn. ICREA Research Professor, Paleoceanography. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Spain
"From past oceans to future climates: palaeo-research in a new era of actionable science"